We’re a family business with a mission to cultivate creativity through stewardship of inspiring spaces.

Steaven Senior, Lawry, and Steaven Junior stand together for family photo

Company Milestones


In 1966, Steaven K Jones establishes Steaven Jones Development Company (SJDC). One of his first projects is a shopping center in Lawndale.

Roots in West Los Angeles

From the late 70’s through 80’s there were many exciting achievements for SJDC — from the acquisition of a garden-style office building in the Fox Hills area of Culver City to the development of the company’s first mixed-use space with ground floor retail and offices above in Santa Monica.

Two Generations at Work

Lawry Jones Meister, Steaven’s daughter, joins SJDC in 1990 as a project manager for two large scale renovation projects. Five years and many successful creative office space developments later, she is promoted to President, as Steaven becomes Chairman, making SJDC a two-generation family business.

Making Way for Big Ideas

The early 2000s were a time of huge growth, including completing construction on the 24,000 sq ft MediaWorks campus in Marina del Rey, developing a first-of-its-kind creative office building in Westlake Village, and the purchase a one-acre parcel in Marina Del Rey to build a live-work-play development called INclave.

Innovation for Permanent Housing

In 2016, Steaven and Lawry co-found Flyaway Homes, a permanent housing development for LA’s unhoused that uses innovative modular unit construction.

The Third Generation

Steaven Barrett Meister, Lawry’s son, joins the company in 2017 as a leasing agent, making SJDC a three-generations family business.

Steaven Jones & Co

In December 2023, Steaven Jones Development Company becomes Steaven Jones & Co, a nod to the three generations and dedicated team that have kept the company innovating and relevant for over 50 years.

We believe business partnerships are best powered by relationships.

We are staunchly committed to our tenants and their big ideas.

We value creativity and match our tenants’ passion for innovation.

Meet Steaven Jones & Co

Steaven Jones



Chairman + Founder
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Lawry Meister



President + CEO
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Barry Abrahams



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Barrett Meister



Director of Leasing
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Joy Ryan



Property Manager
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Nicole Rau



Property Manager - INclave
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Julia Piziali



Marketing & Leasing Assistant + Office Manager
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Tony Crespo



Facilities Manager
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Supporting Our Community

“Our desire to give back and support the neighborhoods in which we live and work is part of who we are.”

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